APRA representatives visit Azerbaijani Press Council (PHOTO)

Azerbaijani Press Council hosted the representatives of Public Relations Association of Azerbaijan, APRA at its headquarters today.

The chairman of Council, member of the Azerbaijani Parliament Mr. Aflatun Amashov welcomed the guests and noted the importance of proper formation of public relations, which is stipulated by the Azerbaijani legislation as well. According to him, building effective relations with the publics requires professionalism. “It is not only about supplying the publics with the information. It also requires a scientific approach. I believe that the newly-established Association of Public Relations of Azerbaijan will demonstrate useful and instrumental performance, as this organization brings together professionals of PR industry. It is good news that these PR professionals are now incorporated into an association, and now they are challenged to take real action in this sphere. Our Council, in its turn, is ready to provide any assistance to APRA”, noted Mr. Amashov.

Chairman of APRA, PR Director of Veyseloghlu company Mr. Ilham Mammadzada spoke about the objectives of the association. He informed that APRA had been established by public and private sector specialists who are responsible for information society of their organizations. The aim of the association is to promote and improve education and training opportunities as well as personnel capacity in the PR sphere, and support the industry’s ongoing processes.

During the meeting, the parties agreed that there had been a need for an organization which would unite and coordinate the activities of PR practitioners, agencies and departments in the country. APRA will favor the professionalism in application of PR across businesses as well as achieving high ethical norms in PR industry. The association will also assist local practitioners with raising their knowledge and skills.

The meeting ended with mentioning of Baku 1st PR Forum to be held in April 2018 which will be supported by APRA as well.